25th and 26th, June 2021

International Conference


"Atmanirbhar Bharat(self-reliant India) :

Building Global Competitiveness through Innovation, Integrity ,and Inclusion"


Conference Publications


Selected Papers may be forwarded for publication in refereed  Scopus Journal with a maximum of four authors. The full-length paper will be double-blind reviewed by our team of reviewers. The shortlisted paper will be published in Scopus Indexed Journal or Web of Science Journal subjected to modification/improvements suggested by the Journal Editorial Board and Reviewers.

The publication charges for the research paper selected for the SCOPUS Indexed Journal will be communicated to the respective authors. 

Please follow the instruction given below to prepare your manuscript according to the guidelines and format provided by the Journal.

The publication will have processing charges which should be paid by
the author(s) after acceptance.


Guidance from Journal for manuscript preparation:

  • Authors need to explain the importance and novelty of the current approach.

  • The abstract should be brief and should include the following sub-headings :






  • The citation should be as per the journal style i.e., numerically increasing order [1], [2], [3], etc (not author name, year) and the same way to be listed under reference;


  • The reference section should be prepared as the journal style (Add DOI number/ publication URL for each reference);

       Recent references should have been consulted (2020-2019)

  • The introduction should be written in a polished way stitching together the major advances made in the area and also pin-point the gaps to justify the study's claim and justify the need for the present study

  • There should be fluidity when presenting the Related Work, instead of authors  just summarizing prior works but describing how they are relevant for their own work;

  • The introduction should contain the importance of the study, hypothesis, and the objective of the study

  • The introduction should highlight that recent development in the area of the problem studied and should highlight the gaps and justify why the present work is undertaken; so that the readers will be inspired to look for additional information on what the rest of the article going to offer. The related work should be merged with the introduction.

  • When similar studies already exist, what new elements are brought out is to be highlighted.

  • The conclusion should reflect as sufficient overview with novelty; The conclusions must reflect the innovation

  • Conclusions should be also linked to the obtained results and discussions and should contain drawbacks/limitations and suggestions for future work.

  • In  conclusion, what major knowledge gaps remain should also be stated; How the results advanced understanding compared to previous results need to be ascertained

  • The articles must fall within the scope of the journal.

Pls follow the template



Review Process